you are reading insert you. Or perhaps you insert yourself by reading, standing, watching, waiting for something that may or may not come?


The real question then is: what is this world we insert ourselves or are inserted into? If we are active—actors—then are we on stage. Or are we behind stage? Are we watching for the curtains to open/slide/fall? A show.


A curtain is a beginning. We are beginning. We are beginners. The spectacle is to watch. To be watched. A show. A revelation. To watch the beginning. To come into birth. Something new is happening here. Something is being born. To act (so as) to set something in motion. Something new. To move. To dance/sit/speak. To come into being.


Speculum=mirror. Spectacular mirror. Spectacular, means both a lavish performance, a show; but also an elaborate display. This latter use, in Spanish, commonly refers to giant ads on the side of the road. Elaborate display of merchandise—a different kind of exchange and spectacle. Then, suddenly these ads appear garbled and warped, their messages hacked and chopped . Symbols of urban blight, they become this: pure colors, mute, light. Or is this a new language of disappearance and erasure? And yet... With sign and deed they insert themselves into a new world. They are born, at play. Show & Hide. A spectacular curtain. What does it hide? What does it reveal?


Opening and closing curtains: a domestic ritual, to occupy space. To use one’s hands. To make. Birthing. To think with one’s fingertips. Touch & Show. Note to self: handmade sounds a lot like handmaid.


A spectacular is also a public presentation. A curtain also implies a public. So, standing here, we are on the verge: about to jump into action, we set the stage. On/off. Yes/No.


Listen: Spectacular is also outstanding: are we standing out/in? Remarkable. We make our mark. Look. Listen. It’s your hand.


Gabriela Jauregui


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