"Des Corps Libres : Une jeune scène française", Reiffers Art Initiatives, Studio des Acacias, 2022, Paris

LISTE Art Fair, Galerie Sultana, 2022, Basel, CH

"Ni bien ni mal", Galerie Sultana, Paris, Sept-Oct 2021

"Halfway There", 12.26 West, Los Angeles, 2021

2020 - The Mumble The Attractor

"Adventurer", Fortnight Institute, New York, 2020

"I am so multiple in nights", SB 34 the Pool, Brussels, 2019


Soft Touch
11 Mar 2023 — 11 Mar 2023


LISTE ART FAIR 2022. Basel, Switzerland
13 Jun 2022 — 13 Jun 2022

Felix Art Fair 2023. Los Angeles, USA
15 Feb 2023 — 15 Feb 2023

Paris+ by Art Basel. Paris, France
18 Oct 2023 — 18 Oct 2023


Sophie Varin (b.1993, France) lives and works in Brussels. She holds an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) and a BA from the Beaux Arts de Paris and the Hunter College School of Art, New York.

Her recent solo exhibitions include: 'Ni bien ni mal', Galerie Sultana (Paris, FR 2021); 'Halfway There', 12.26 West (Los Angeles, US 2021); 'Adventurer', Fortnight Institute (New York, US 2020); 'The Mumble The Attractor' cur. feeelings, CunstLink (Brussels, BE 2020); 'Of Recklessness and Water', Brooker Benington (London, UK 2020).

Recent group exhibitions include: 'Vallée des merveilles', (Espace à vendre, 2022), Nice, France; 'Nothing to conquer', (Louise Alexander, 2022)Porto Cervo, Italie
'Nuit Noir', Chapelle XIV (Paris, FR 2021); 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm', Louise Alexander Gallery (Porto Cervo, IT 2021); 'Complices Disonantes', Casa Lu (Mexico City, MX 2021); 'Expo 54', Galerie 54 (Mexico City, MX 2021); 'The Way of the Drunkard', SISSI Club (Marseille, FR 2021); 'Melancholympics' cur. Sasha Bogojev, The Wunderwall (Antwerp, BE 2020); 'Ulterieur' cur. Petrus Paklons, Avee Gallery (Courtrai, BE 2020); 'Horla' cur. Marine Penhouet, Sterput (Brussels, BE 2019); 'I am so multiple in nights' cur. Padraic E Moore, SB34 the Pool (Brussels, BE 2019); 'Finir par mordre' cur. Emile Rubino, Karl Marx Studio (Paris, FR 2019); "Drum Buzzer", 7 (Amsterdam, NL 2019); 'Amor Infinito', Salon (Madrid, SP 2018); 'Tripping autonomy', Piet Zwart Institute Graduation Show, De Kroon (Rotterdam, NL 2018).

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Group Show. Reifers Art Initiatives. Paris, France.
5 May 2022 — 5 May 2022

Group Show. Espace à Vendre. Nice, France.
1 May 2022 — 1 May 2022

Group Show. Espace Triphasé. Anderlecht, Belgium.
21 Apr 2022 — 21 Apr 2022


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